What made the Classical civilisations so different?




The great civilisations of Greece and Rome were among the most vibrant that the world has ever seen.
What was their secret?

The dark secret of the classical world was that the Greeks invented money, they were the world’s first market economy. Let’s take a look at the great secret of the ancient world





Discover the glories of ancient Greece and how the Romans built up a great Empire. Learn too how the Minoans built up a great Empire before the Greeks, but one based round palaces where the ruler ruled over a totalitarian empire.

Discover how the Greeks were different. They invented money and with it a new way of living. Discover how they were different from the early empires with their city states built round the marketplace, where they invented freedom and democracy.

Then find out how the Romans built as great Empire and spread prosperity over the Mediterranean and western Europe.

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What do you know?  Test your knowledge!

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What was the Greek Revolution?   How do you get a play put on in Athens? How did Spartan teenagers become good soldiers?  
Who taught the Romans Latin?   How many mistresses did Augustus have? What was the price of a Roman haircut? Why did Rome decline and fall?
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